Monday, April 11
3:00 PM-4:00 PM
Silver Pearl Ballroom 1

Integrating technology into the mathematics classroom to engage learners

Roundtable (F2F) ID: 59448
  1. aaa
    Angie Hodge-Zickerman
    Northern Arizona University
  2. aaa
    Cindy York
    Northern Illinois University
  3. Eric Stade
    University of Colorado Boulder

Abstract: Remote learning brought about many challenges to engage learners in the virtual mathematics classroom. What did we learn from using technology in the virtual classroom that can be beneficial to any mathematics classroom? In this session, we will share some technologies that can be used to enhance the mathematics classroom be it virtual or in person. Participants will be able to engage with the technologies interactively during this session.


1) Introduce participants to ways technology can be used to engage mathematics learners. 2) Engage all participants in thinking critically about what was learned about technology in the mathematics classroom from remote teaching (both positives and negatives). 3) Provide participants with technology resources for their mathematics classrooms. 4) Provide participants with opportunities to engage with interactive technologies for the mathematics classroom. 5) Provide participants with ways to think about how to integrate interactive technologies into their own mathematics classrooms.

Topical Outline

1) Introductions 2) Engage in an interactive discussion on the challenges and benefits of remote teaching. 3) Leaders will introduce participants to interactive technologies and ways to engage learners in the mathematics classroom using technology. 4) Participants will try the interactive technologies. 5) Engage in a large group discussion on the interactive technologies. 6) Engage in a discussion on how the interactive technologies can be best used in different types of mathematics classrooms (thinking both about content and type of environment). 7) Wrap up.



Experience Level



The leaders of this session have provided professional development to both K12 teachers and university instructors for over 10 years. Their qualifications include leading sessions on active learning, technology, and the integration of the two (active learning and technology). The workshop leaders have led one SITE workshop and many workshops to the mathematics and teacher eduction communities. One leader specializes in mathematics education and is the SITE Mathematics Education SIG co-chair. The other leader specializes in instructional technology and teaching teachers how to use technology in their classrooms. Together, they make a balanced team focused on integrating technology to promote active learning in an equitable manner in the mathematics classroom.
No presider for this session.


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