15 tips on how to concentrate at work

Posted by Max Rasmussen on March 28 2022 at 3:48 p.m.

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There are days when you're working at your limit, completing one task after another. But there are also other days when you find it difficult to concentrate on work, you are constantly distracted by something or you are distracted by nonsense, the noise in the office does not allow you to put your thoughts together. What to do in these situations and how to learn to quickly engage in the work process? Save yourself 15 useful tips on how to quickly concentrate on work. I’m Max Rasmussen from wowessays, let’s work!

  1. Make a plan for the day, write down all the tasks that need to be done today and set a time for them. Nothing helps you focus on work like a clear to-do list.

  2. If you're often distracted by coworkers with questions, assign everyone a certain amount of time. If have unnecessary writing tasks - pay for papers. That way you can get all the tasks done and fully immerse yourself in the problems of others.

  3. Allocate time in your plan for rest, for example, one hour you work, 10 minutes you rest. Or two hours of work, 20 minutes for coffee and scrolling through your social media feed. That way you can stay focused on what you're doing, knowing that you have a fixed amount of time off.

  4. Don't start the day by reading your personal email or social networks, so you can get hung up on the news, entertainment paginas and lose your work attitude for a long time.

  5. If you are distracted by office noise or extraneous conversations, turn on the right music, which will tune you to the pace of work and enhance brain activity.

  6. Pour water in a bottle beforehand, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, so that you are not distracted by frequent trips to the cooler.

  7. Observe yourself when you are best able to cope with routine work, and when it is easier for you to analyze and create. Try to distribute tasks according to your inner state. That way you can reduce the time you have to do them.

  8. Don't get distracted by personal conversations with loved ones that can take too long and deprive you of an extra hour to complete a task.

  9. If you have a busy day with urgent tasks coming up and going out for lunch will probably not be possible, then take your food with you in the morning and eat right at your desk. That way you won't be distracted by travel and conversations with colleagues.

  10. Put a status in all chats, in your work email that you are busy at the moment, this way you will not be disturbed unnecessarily.

  11. Sort out your desktop, hide unnecessary things in a drawer and leave only those things, documents, notepads that you will use at work today.

  12. Close all unnecessary tabs in your browser, leave on only those programs you use to perform tasks.

  13. Make stickers, shortcuts, and bookmarks for frequently used documents, programs, and services so that everything is at your fingertips and you don't have to constantly look for something.

  14. Try to create the most comfortable workplace possible, buy a comfortable chair. There is nothing worse than a sore back or a stiff neck, which will only irritate you and prevent from working.

  15. Change your attitude to work, think of tasks as a quest that you have to pass, and get a reward. This will give you more energy and strength.

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