Thursday, April 1
1:45 PM-2:45 PM
Room 2

Pivot and Pivot Again: Moving from Traditional to Hybrid Models

Roundtable (Live Presentation) ID: 58816
  1. aaa
    Diana Williams
    Arkansas State University
  2. aaa
    Joanna Grymes
    Arkansas State University
  3. aaa
    Nicole Covey
    Arkansas State University
  4. Rusty Young
    Arkansas State University

Abstract: In this Roundtable, presenters will discuss courses that pivoted from face-to-face offerings to various hybrid formats during the COVID environment. One of the class focuses on teaching pre-service teachers to integrate technology into the curriculum. Others are with pre-service teachers using technology and incorporating technology in their lessons. In the technology class, a small portion of the students were face to face in a computer lab and a large portion of students accessed via Zoom. While some students in this class alternated face-to-face with zoom, a few accessed via Zoom the whole semester. There were difficulties because students that were on-line were trying to learn technology while on Zoom. Other classes moved from totally face-to-face to combinations of synchronous Zoom and asynchronous online. Some classes pivoted a second time during the same semester. Students in these pre-service classes did not perform as well as previous classes in face-to-face offerings. Many students discussed dissatisfaction with the learning process, especially in the integrating technology class. In this Round table, the presenters will discuss their difficulties and successes and will encourage the participants to discuss their difficulties and successes. The discussions will include presenters and audience suggestions on how to be successful in this current environment which has kept higher education on edge with quick pivots from one format to another.

No presider for this session.


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