Wednesday, March 31
1:00 PM-3:00 PM
Workshop B

Social Media Strategies to Engage Online Learners

Workshop (Live Presentation) ID: 58812
  1. aaa
    Gina Solano
    Walden University
  2. aaa
    Alicia Beasley
    Walden University

Abstract: Social media tools have expanded the way students can create online study groups and have provided more opportunities for instructors to engage, communicate, and support their online, remote, and hybrid learners. Many students struggle with online learning and when left in isolation, have a lower chance of being successful and completing a course. Using apps such as GroupMe and WhatsApp offers multiple tools to support learning and communication. They provide a means for students to form study groups, video conference with one another, and share media. Other social media programs, such as Harmonize and Padlet, offer unique ways that classes can post, share, and collaborate on discussion posts and group assignments. This workshop will demonstrate several Ed Tech tools as well as share ideas for how to use each one to better engage and instruct.


1. Discuss the importance of peer and instructor socialization in online learning. 2. Model four different social media apps: GroupMe, WhatsApp, Harmonize, and Padlet. 3. Demonstrate how each app can be used to promote engagement, learning, and collaboration.

Topical Outline

2 mins Introduction Begin the presentation and a brief introduction of each presenter. 3 mins Video Embedded in the presentation will be a video that provides an overview of what the session will be modeling. 10 mins GroupMe Overview of GroupMe. Explain how can be used for class conversations and study groups. Allow time for questions and discussion. 10 mins WhatsApp Overview of WhatsApp. Explain the features and how they can be used with students and instructors for study and instruction. Allow time for questions and discussion. 10 mins Harmonize Overview of Harmonize. Explain how it is used and can be integrated with Canvas. Provide examples of how it is used in online discussions and courses. Allow time for questions and discussion. 10 mins Padlet Overview of Padlet. Explain how it can be used for group discussions, lessons, and online discussions. Allow time for questions and discussion. 5 mins Conclusion Final questions and conclusion.


Participant knowledge and experience with teaching online, remote, or hybrid classes is recommended. They should be comfortable with using LMS.

Experience Level



Gina Solano has a Ph.D. in Educational Technology. As an assistant professor, she teaches courses about current technology trends, digital media, STEM, and technology leadership. She has presented her research about technology professional development, gamification, technology-based engagement tools, cloud computing, service-learning, and online teaching at local, national, and international conferences. She is passionate about what she teaches and strives to share the benefits of technology through professional development and workshops all over the globe. Alicia Beasley is currently a doctoral candidate at Walden University. Her research focuses on how social media can be used to improve online teaching and learning. She is the director of online learning at her institution. She oversees courses, provides training to instructors, and student support.


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