Share Paper: Computational Thinking and Geospatial Intelligence in Teacher Education: Transdisciplinary Approach

  1. Melda N Yildiz, Chair, Associate Professor, United States
Wednesday, March 31 3:00-3:20 PM Keynote Room

Abstract: The goal of this transdisciplinary participatory action research (PAR) project is to develop a research-based globally connected learning modules and educational app that promotes computational thinking, geospatial, media and informational literacy skills among undergraduate and graduate students. By collaborating with our graduate and undergraduate research students in this project, we integrated computational thinking and educational technologies (e.g. Wolfram Alpha) into our graduate courses (e.g. Instructional Technology courses) and developed computational thinking and information literacy skills through project-based learning activities in the P20 classroom while collaborating in-service and pre-service teachers in our education programs.