Friday, April 2
10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Workshop C

Interactive STEM for Teacher Education in Online and Remote Settings

Workshop (Live Presentation) ID: 58782
  1. aaa
    Laurie O. Campbell
    University of Central Florida
  2. aaa
    Samantha Heller
    University of Central Florida

Abstract: With the demands of flexible learning (delivering instruction in multiple modalities) during the COVID-19 pandemic, K-12 educators, and teacher educators have expressed a need for STEM instructional activities that support their learners, especially in online and remote environments. During this interactive workshop, designed for teacher educators, participants will engage in several online interactive STEM activities that can be immediately introduced to pre-service and in-service educators. Some of the activities can be applied across all disciplinary content areas. Attendees of the workshop will receive access to digital plans and resources.


Learner Objectives: The learner will be able to identify new at least one STEM-based online interactive activities. The learner will discuss with others ideas related to STEM-based online activities. Workshop Objectives: Introduce interactive online activities that can transfer to various learning contexts. Engage learners in at least one of the activities. Share digital tools, links, and other resources

Topical Outline

I. Introduction to Purpose and Need. II. Introduce (4 activities) A. Room A B. Room B C. Room C D. Room D III. Participation through Breakout Rooms IV. Report Back V. Tools and Resources


Know how to log-in to Zoom. Otherwise, no other skills needed.

Experience Level



Laurie O. Campbell, Ed.D., is an Asst. Professor at the University of Central Florida. Her research includes: (a) promoting positive STEM identity among underserved and underrepresented populations, (b) personalized and active learning, and (c) safe learning environments. Her teaching field is within the Learning Sciences, Instructional Design and Technology. Samantha Heller has completed her third year as a PhD student in the Instructional Design and Technology Program and is now a PhD Candidate. She earned her BA in Communication from the University of Pennsylvania and her MA in Elementary Special Education. She was a classroom teacher in NY, Costa Rica, and Florida for eight years before becoming the Director of Curriculum and Technology at a charter school for students with learning and behavior differences.


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