Share Paper: Reflecting on the Development and Use of Virtual Teaching Simulations for Professional Development

  1. Anthony Dove, Radford University, United States
  2. Jennifer Borland, Rockman et al, United States
  3. Adam Moylan, Rockman et al, United States
  4. Matthew Dunleavy, Radford University, United States
Wednesday, March 31 11:15-11:30 AM Room 8

Abstract: This presentation provides a summary of findings from an evaluative study of technology-aided, classroom simulations embedded within an online teacher professional development program. Two simulations were developed to assess participants’ teaching skills and pedagogical content knowledge in an online professional development program. Specifically, each simulation experience was embedded as part of a micro-credential about teaching word problems to elementary school students. This study specifically examined the functionality and the ability of each simulation to produce a valid assessment of inservice teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge. Findings illustrate that there is potential for simulations to assess pedagogical content knowledge within inservice teachers ...