Share Paper: Using technology and TACTivities to engage learners in mathematics classrooms

  1. Angie Hodge, Northern Arizona University, United States
  2. Cindy York, Northern Illinois University, United States
  3. Eric Stade, University of Colorado Boulder, United States

Abstract: Teachers often use hands-on activities and manipulatives to engage their students in the learning process. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, has made this type of learning less accessible with the use of remote teaching. Teachers are left with the challenge of how to motivate and engage their students without being able to provide them with concrete items that help students be actively involved in the learning process. In this workshop, we provide one way in which teachers can still provide their students with these hands-on experiences using tactile learning activities that we call TACTivities. The term “TACTivity” is a portmanteau of ...