Share Paper: Interpreting Teacher Expectation in Teacher Feedback and Finding the Relationship with Student Learning

  1. Xiaoyu Zhan, East China Normal University, China
  2. Xiaohua Yu, East China Normal University, China
  3. Chao Peng, East China Normal University, China
  4. Juzhe Xi, East China Normal University, China
Friday, April 2 10:15-10:35 AM Room 3

Abstract: Teacher feedback has been empirically identified as the most important instructional practices for improving student learning. Teacher feedback can provide useful information about how well a student is performing, besides, it can reflect teacher expectation. This study aimed to explore the impact of teacher expectation implied in teacher feedback on student learning, relying on a total of 15029 feedbacks from 24 teachers to 540 students. Firstly, we identified and extracted the expectation-related phrases in teacher feedback. Then, we divided students into groups based on subject, grade and initial academic level. Finally, we compared students’ final examination scores after they received ...