Share Paper: Adapting Models of Teacher Training and Curriculum Development for Online Geospatial Inquiry in High School Science and Social Studies Classrooms

  1. Thomas Hammond, Lehigh University, United States
  2. Kate Popejoy, PopejoySTEM LLC, United States
  3. Alec Bodzin, Lehigh University, United States
  4. Douglas Leeson, Lehigh University, United States
Tuesday, March 30 2:05-2:25 PM Room 3

Abstract: This spring our research team received approval from the National Science Foundation for a multi-site collaborative research project. As envisioned at the time of the grant proposal, the core procedures were to be conducted in traditional, face-to-face formats: in-person teacher professional development, in-person curriculum development meetings, whole-class instruction by teachers and support instructors, and small group data collection by students using school-provided mobile devices. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to re-visit intended models of curriculum design and development, professional development, and students’ use of technology for online learning environments. After revising and enacting our plans, we discovered ...