Share Paper: Case-Based Strategies for Learning Triple E Framework in Online Settings During the COVID-19 Crisis and Beyond

  1. Cheun-Yeong Lee, Governors State University, United States
  2. Li-Wei Peng, Governors State University, United States

Abstract: Many educators employ case study methodologies to accomplish goals, such as improving the status of the profession, bridging theory and practice, applying the knowledge base to real classroom and work situations, enhancing decision making, and motivating prospective professional personnel. This study presents a case of the Instructional Design course offered to preservice teachers in the Master of Science degree program in Educational Technology at a Midwestern University. The case-based learning approaches focus on 1) the application of case study integrating creative Plotagon animated video creation, 2) practical self-reflective practice, and 3) collaborative peer discussion and evaluation in an asynchronous online ...