Wednesday, March 31
12:45 PM-1:00 PM
Room 2

Promoting AI Literacy through AI-Robotics

Best Practices (Live Presentation) ID: 58391
  1. aaa
    Amy Eguchi
    University of California, San Diego

This paper describes a project to develop lessons and teaching materials to teach AI literacy using an AI-robotics tool developed collaboratively with Google and CogLabs and UNESCO. Although there are several AI-enhanced online tools that support students’ learning of AI concepts, they keep the concepts rather abstract. Students, especially younger students, struggle to fully grasp abstract concepts and ideas without applying them in real-life situations using manipulatives. Seymour Papert’s constructionism theory as its foundation, the learning environment using robotics tools as manipulatives promotes students’ learning of abstract concepts and ideas which become visible while students create and manipulate objects. Since the subject and concepts that AI introduces are all foreign to many, making AI and its concepts visible through AI-robotics tools helps their construction of new knowledge, make their understanding of AI deeper, and help them retain the knowledge. The project targets upper elementary and middle school students to learn the Five Big Idea in AI using the AI-robotics tool developed with the Teachable Machine by Google Creative Lab. The paper introduces the AI-robotics tool developed and the lessons to promote AI-literacy.

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