Share Paper: Teacher Education and the Digital divide: A Quantitative Study of Teaching Strategies and Technology to Foster Learning

  1. Erik Kormos, Ashland University, United States
  2. Kendra Wisdom, Ashland University, United States
Tuesday, March 30 3:30-3:45 PM Keynote Room

Abstract: This manuscript examined the digital divide at the intersection of teaching instructional modality and school settings. Quantitative analysis of more than 400 respondents revealed a significant relationship between how teachers in rural, urban, and suburban schools employed technology for various learning strategies. Urban teachers were significantly less likely to use technology within small-group instruction and cooperative learning. The results implied urban teachers were not as likely to view technology as a collaboration tool compared to their rural and suburban counterparts. However, no relationship between variables was found when it came to technology and individual or student-centered instruction. Taken together, the ...