Share Paper: Instructor Social Presence in Remote Teaching: “Yes, we Can!”

  1. Nicoletta Di Blas, Dept. of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Tuesday, March 30 1:45 PM-2:05 PM Room 4

Abstract: One of the major objections that are raised against remote teaching is that it hampers “social presence”, one of the key components of a learning experience (according to the Community of Inquiry model of teaching; Garrison et al., 2000). In this paper, we present the results of a survey to more than 1000 Italian teachers who were forced to teach online during the COVID-19 pandemic (March-June 2020) and – quite surprisingly – identified the discovery of a “new form of relationship” with their students as one of the major positive aspects of the experience. Results of the study confirm that ...