Lessons Learned From Online Course Delivery During the Onset of COVID-19

Posted by Michelle Morris on March 15 2021 at 7:26 p.m.

  • Thanks for visiting this discussion about lessons learned from COVID-19 in schools. We recently passed the one year mark in which COVID-19 affected education throughout America. If you work in an education setting, feel free to share your experiences throughout the past year.

    What strategies worked well to keep you and students safe from catching COVID-19? What didn't work well or what challenges are you continuing to face with the ongoing pandemic?

    Do you have any concerns as we move toward the fall 2021 academic semester?


    • I provided a couple examples to the prompt below based on my own experiences.

      What worked: One of the universities in my state checked out laptops and hotspot devices to students who caught Covid-19 and opted to quarantine in their homes. This allowed them to continue to complete school work, as long as they were feeling well enough.

      What didn't work: Lots of students and colleagues needed to be reminded to cover their noses with their masks and maintain safe distances.

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  • You bring up many good points in your work. Our preservice teachers found that transition challenging. However, after they adjusted, they were able to acquire technology skills that they would not have had prior to Covid. So, there were good and bad things that came out of the pandemic.

    What worked: Many of our faculty allowed students to choose if they wanted to be online or in-person. Everyone was online at least one day a week for two day a week classes. But, students who wanted to interact in person were able to do so while socially distancing with masks in classrooms one day a week. This helped address the needs of all learners.

    What didn't work: Some faculty struggled to get students to keep their cameras on while attending class online.


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