Share Paper: Exploring online practices and digital risks of adolescents from Costa Rica

  1. Ana Teresa Morales Rodriguez, Laboratorio Nacional de Informática Avanzada, Mexico, Mexico
  2. Fabian Rojas-Ramirez, UNA, Costa Rica
Thursday, April 9 2:15-2:30 PM Room 2 -

Abstract: Costa Rica is one of the first countries that incorporated technologies into the education public system. With a clear objective of serving the most vulnerable populations and implementing educational actions where the people of the country can reduce education and, in recent years, the digital divide. This paper had three purposes: state that new generations requires training in digital citizenship, present online practices and risks of teenagers when using digital technologies and identify the role of family and teachers when providing guidance over they use the ICT. A research was conducted on 20 students from a public secondary in a ...