Wednesday, April 8
1:45 PM-2:00 PM
Room 4 -

Game Design Features for Facilitating Identity Exploration: An Exploration of Minecraft EE Chemistry Lab

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  1. aaa
    Mark Petrovich Jr.
    Drexel University School of Education
  2. aaa
    Chris Fornaro
    Drexel University School of Education
  3. aaa
    Amanda Barany
    Drexel University School of Education
  4. aaa
    Aroutis Foster
    Drexel University School of Education

Abstract: As video games and similar digital experiences become more ingrained in everyday society, researchers have sought to utilize these environments for educational outcomes. Game environments have been celebrated for their capacity to emphasize players’ exploration of possible selves through the use of virtual apprenticeships. However, there is a lack of research which highlights the specific game design mechanics that enable change in a player’s identity. This preliminary study presents a qualitative deductive approach utilizing the Playing Research Method to analyze a player-researcher’s experience in Minecraft Educational Edition: Chemistry Lab. Results indicate a number of game mechanics which indicate the potential for change across players’ knowledge, interests and valuing, regulated actions, and self-perceptions and self-definitions. Implications and directions for future studies are discussed.

Presider: Sam von Gillern, University of Missouri


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