Share Paper: Thematic Use of GIS to Teach American History: An Excerpt From Enslavement, Emancipation, and the Continuing Struggle

  1. Julie Oltman, Lehigh University, United States
  2. Thomas Hammond, Lehigh University, United States
  3. Meghan Manfra, North Carolina State University, United States
Wednesday, April 8 3:15-3:30 PM Room 2 -

Abstract: Geographic information systems (GIS) are an increasingly powerful and essential technology in many professional fields, yet they are not yet present in applicable parts of the K-12 curriculum. This paper presents an excerpt from a classroom-based study of curriculum integration and teacher decision-making using GIS to teach aspects of American History. We highlight one lesson within a longer sequence, examining the demography of the African American experience between 1860 and 1910. The teacher introduces students to a researcher-built GIS coverage, modeling the use of the interface and simple tools. Student observations and questions become launching points for further refinement in ...