Share Paper: Integrating 1:1 Computing into the Elementary Classroom: Why Planning Time Makes a Difference

  1. Jillian Powers, Florida Atlantic University, United States
  2. Ann Musgrove, Florida Atlantic University, United States
  3. Glenn Musgrove, Broward College, United States
Friday, April 10 2:15-2:30 PM Room 4 -

Abstract: This study examines the role that planning time plays in teachers’ adoption of 1:1 computing for individualized instruction. In particular, the research examines whether the availability of time to plan for 1:1 computing served as an external variable as described by Davis, Bogazzi, and Warshaw (1989) in the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). The results indicated that the availability of 1:1 planning time was a significant moderator of the relationship between PEOU 1:1 and three forms of individualized instruction: enrichment, remediation, and student-centered instruction. Planning time was also found to be a significant moderator of PU 1:1 and use of 1:1 ...