Share Paper: Using Instructional Rounds with Pre-Service Teachers to Model Innovative Instructional Technology in the Classroom: A Reciprocal Learning Approach

  1. Rebecca Birch, Dominican University of California, United States
  2. Elizabeth Truesdell, Dominican University of California, United States
Wednesday, April 8 3:00-3:15 PM Room 3 -

Abstract: This participatory action research study describes how one department of education sought to increase knowledge of instructional technology among preservice teachers. Informed by the Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition Model (2012) and Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (2009), this project leveraged community partnerships and the implementation of “Instructional Rounds” to educate students in information, media and technology skills (IMTS). The mixed-methods study includes pre- and post-survey results, structured observations, focus group interviews, and participant reflections based on “exit tickets”. Findings indicate preservice teachers’ enhanced instructional technology skills in their fieldwork as student teachers, as well as a mutually beneficial learning experience between ...