Add item to your planner: Scheduled Event: W7: Deepening Natural Curiosity: The Future of PBL Design
March 18, 2019
1:30 PM-5:00 PM
Prepare your learners to be problem-solvers and problem-seekers that anticipate and participate in their future! In this session, we will deepen your design practices as we explore the stages inventors, entrepreneurs, programmers, and humans go through as they find solutions to challenges. This workshop combines project-based learning and design thinking to focus on how learners process, compute, and critically think as they seek answers and build out solutions to authentic, relevant, and complex challenges. Through this, we surpass the academic PBL basics many organizations have attained over the last few years and look to the future of entrepreneurial PBL design. Via this process, we will examine the Five Stages of Finding a Solution as described in the Developing Natural Curiosity through PBL series. This exploration will aid you in fostering the computing architecture of the classroom of the future, as it aligns to the ISTE standards. By designing and planning your projects, based on the inherent Stages of Finding a Solution, you naturally develop your students as problem solvers and, more importantly, as problem seekers who have the potential to effect change in our world. Come prepared to engage, participate, and collaborate throughout the session. You'll walk away wanting more!