Add item to your planner: Scheduled Event: W2: From the Screen to Real Life 3D Printing for the Classroom
March 18, 2019
1:30 PM-5:00 PM
I tried drawing in kindergarten, and it was immediately clear to everyone I had no natural talent to draw. Many years later I learned you don’t need to draw to be creative! Using free tools you can create and design just about anything you can imagine. The cost of computer design and 3d fabrication has dropped, and you can easily get into 3d design and printing for a very modest investment! We will start with the basics of computer-aided design, recommended software, and how to design for additive manufacturing, and walk through a basic design that we will then prepare for 3d printing, load up at least one of the created files, and print it! Attend this workshop and you will understand how you can get 3d design and additive manufacturing into your classroom!