Share Paper: A case study of a STEM teacher’s development of TPACK in a teacher preparation program

  1. Mary C. Enderson, Old Dominion University, United States
  2. Ginger S. Watson, University of Virginia, United States
Wednesday, March 20 3:00-3:20 PM Sunset 2

Abstract: This case study involved researching pre-service secondary STEM teachers’ development of TPACK by use of modeling & simulation applications. The main research question focused on how do self-reported TPACK measures align with demonstrated TPACK knowledge and skills. The study design was qualitative and included five secondary STEM pre-service teachers who were completing their program of study and teaching lessons in the field with secondary students. This particular brief paper reports on one of the pre-service STEM teachers in this study. Coding and analysis were carried out to search for characteristics of tasks that support development of TPACK in future teachers. ...