Share Paper: Understanding How Graduate Students’ Ideas about Research Change Across a Master’s Program

  1. Jennifer Weible, Central Michigan University, United States
  2. Ray Francis, Central Michigan University, United States
  3. Mark Deschaine, Central Michigan University, United States
Tuesday, March 19 10:35-10:55 AM Wilshire B

Abstract: College faculty face the ongoing dilemma of balancing the professional emphasis on student learning with the administrative task of documenting student performance related to reappointment, promotion, and tenure. Add with this the additional escalating requirement for accreditation, and faculty are placed in a “no win” situation. Once solution is the use of student generated concept maps in the graduate higher education classroom. On the student learning or assessment side of the equation, concept maps provide a unique pictorial representation of an individual's understanding of a concept, problem, or idea. Student generated concept maps offer the opportunity use authentic and effective ...