Share Paper: Professional Development for Computer Science Education: Design and Outcomes from a Case Study Teacher

  1. Scott Sheridan, University of Delaware, United States
  2. Chrystalla Mouza, University of Delaware, United States
  3. Lori Pollock, University of Delaware, United States
Thursday, March 21 4:45 PM-5:15 PM Sunset 2

Abstract: As the role of technology in modern society increases, so too does the importance of computational thinking and computer science (CS) principles. To incorporate CS into K-12 curricula, teachers require training, continuing support, and access to computing hardware and software. Over the course of a semester, we followed one case study teacher as she applied CS principles in her school curriculum following her participation in a professional development program offered by a university team. The professional development program included two key elements: a week-long Summer Institute on CS principles and follow-up classroom support offered by university undergraduates with background in ...