Tuesday, March 19
4:45 PM-5:00 PM
Sunset 4

UX andInstructional Design Guidelines for M-Learning

Best Practices ID: 54574
  1. aaa
    Anne-Marie Armstrong
    Retired faculty
  2. Marija Franetovic
    Lawrence Technical University

Abstract: There is a need to look beyond using mobile devices for social interaction or messaging (although this is important) and to design instruction that is specific to their pedagogical potential and that takes into account their psychological and social effects on learners. This proposal addresses the differences between m-Learning, e-learning and blended learning and provides a matrix of recommended standards for instructional designers and educators when they are designing and developing or choosing courses for use on mobile devices. It also provides examples and resources for a workshop for training in the basics of mLearning. The original impetus for the proposed standards began while observing mobile phone use by students in both educational and public settings. Students share their devices in study groups, cafeterias, libraries, student unions, on buses, in parks. They stay in the moment with others using WhatsApp, texting or other mobile applications. Mobile devices also enable sharing with desktop devices using email, LMSs, One Drive (for Word) and Google Docs/Hangouts. Additionally, In reviews of research on the possible reasons for using mobile devices for instruction, this paper adds  Discovery  Engagement  Participation in facilitating diversity  Different forms of information flow and management  Individual and global Integration with other activities

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