Share Paper: Infusing Computational Thinking Instruction into Elementary Mathematics and Science: Patterns of Teacher Implementation

  1. Kathryn Rich, Michigan State University, United States
  2. Aman Yadav, Michigan State University, United States
Tuesday, March 19 3:20-3:40 PM Sunset 2

Abstract: In this brief paper, we will share preliminary results of a study of how elementary-school teachers take up computational thinking (CT) ideas and incorporate them into their mathematics and science teaching. We describe the teachers’ school contexts, the professional development experiences in which they engaged, and our preliminary analyses of how they used computational thinking within their enacted lessons. In brief, the seven teachers in this study exhibited three patterns of implementation: (1) using computational thinking to guide their own planning and thinking; (2) using computational thinking to structure their lessons; and (3) presenting computational thinking concepts to students as ...