Share Paper: Near peer video-based observations: Using student teaching videos to train aspiring school

  1. W. Sean Kearney, Texas A&M University San Antonio, United States
  2. James Jurica, Texas A&M University San Antonio, United States
Tuesday, March 19 4:35-4:55 PM Sunset 6

Abstract: This study examines the value of using near peer video-based observations to help train aspiring future teachers. Undergraduate students enrolled in a public university in the Southwestern United States were recorded delivering instruction during their final semester of student teaching. These videos were then uploaded to a secure website utilizing EdPuzzle. Graduate students enrolled in a supervision course at the same university observed these classroom videos and provided feedback to the future teachers. This research is part of a larger study in which feedback was solicited from both the aspiring teachers and the aspiring school leaders regarding this experience. The ...