Share Paper: A Preliminary Investigation into Creativity Fostering Behaviors of Maker Teachers in Shanghai

  1. Wei Wang, East China Normal University, China
  2. Junhao Shan, East China Normal University, China
Wednesday, March 20 3:00-3:20 PM Sunset 3

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to evaluate creativity fostering behaviors of maker teachers and examine its relationships with teachers’ individual creativity. A 27-item self-rating scale based on nine creativity fostering behaviors identified by Cropley (1997) was developed for questionnaire survey. A total of 54 maker teachers in Shanghai participated in this study. According to the results, maker teachers have achieved a high average score in creativity fostering behaviors among which the highest score is in the dimension of Opportunities. However, in some dimensions, the characteristics and advantages of maker teachers have not been reflected, such as Flexibility, Judgement, Question ...