Share Paper: Design and Development of A Sitting Position Monitoring Tool Based on Wearable Devices

  1. Min Mao, East China Normal University, China
  2. Li Ji, East China Normal University, China
  3. Weizhen Xu, East China Normal University, China
  4. Yujiong Liang, East China Normal University, China
Thursday, March 21 4:55 PM-5:15 PM Sunset 4

Abstract: Sitting posture, as an important physiological indicator in the classroom that can measure students' classroom behavior, is widely used in educational research. This study combines the advantages and disadvantages of several posture monitoring methods to develop a student sitting posture monitoring tool based on wearable devices. The tool realizes the real-time collection and storage of students' sitting posture changes in the classroom and displays the sitting posture curve in real time through self-made software. The researchers focused on the changes in the sitting behavior of the students in the classroom, and the student's sitting behavior analysis report can also be ...