Share Paper: Unwrapping the Magic of Sketchnotes: How Drawing Improves Comprehension and Retention During Science Learning with Fifth Graders

  1. Sylvia Sykula, University of Houston, United States
Thursday, March 21 11:50 AM-12:10 PM Santa Monica 2

Abstract: According to developmental research, fifth-graders are mainly concerned with representational realism (Seidman & Beilen, 1984) and are capable of creating representational images in simple three-dimensional drawings (Cox & Perara, 2006). This paper will explore why fifth-grade students with prior knowledge of the elements of art can better engage in the mechanics of constructing a sketchnote, visual notes made with hand-drawn elements, to support science learning. Sketchnoting shares similarities with learner-generated drawings and graphic organizers, all rooted in Paivio’s dual-coding theory. The benefits of learner-generated drawings as a multimodal tool is based in Mayer’s multimedia principle, but it’s the recent discovery ...