Share Paper: Design and Development of a Graduate Online Course to Prepare Teachers and School Librarians to Lead Computational Thinking in K-12 Contexts

  1. Kimberly Huett, University of West Georgia, United States
  2. Bruce Neubauer, Albany State University, United States

Abstract: K-12 educators recognize the importance of broadening K-12 students’ access to computational thinking (CT), the thinking integral to using computers to aid in problem-solving. In 2016, the International Society for Technology in Education revised its standards for K-12 students to include “computational thinker” as one of the seven core areas of students’ technology-related knowledge and skills. K-12 teachers and school librarians need support and professional development to meet the renewed demand for CT. This presentation features the design and development of a professional development course, titled Leading Computational Thinking in K-12 Learning, for in-service educators to develop their capacity to ...