Friday, March 22
12:30 PM-1:00 PM
Sunset 1

Faculty and students’ perspective towards Active Learning Classroom

Brief Paper ID: 54328
  1. aaa
    Ali Rezaei
    California State University
  2. Francine Vasilomanolakis

Abstract: In two earlier studies. the authors found that both faculty and students of higher education believe that groupwork, group project, and group discussions are quite useful in terms of students’ learning and their motivation. It was also found that group work success depends on several factors including the environment in which group work happens. In this study the authors surveyed faculty and students about the effectiveness of ALC (Active learning Classrooms) in facilitating students’ learning. Nine hindered and sixteen students and 53 faculty who were teaching and learning in these rooms responded to two surveys. The surveys assessed; how Active Learning Classrooms may facilitate students’ collaboration, what features of these classrooms are more helpful, and if there is a difference between faculty and students in terms of effectiveness of these classrooms. The results showed that both students and faculty strongly believe in the effectiveness of these environments, while there are some differences in terms of students and faculty perspectives towards these rooms.

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