Share Paper: Inclusive Instructional Design Efforts Around the World

  1. Elizabeth Dalton, Dalton Education Services International, United States
  2. Susie Gronseth, University of Houston, United States
  3. Cindy Anderson, Roosevelt University, United States
  4. Kevin Anderson, Michigan State University, United States
  5. Aashna Khurana, ASER Centre, Research Unit, Pratham Education Foundation, India
Wednesday, March 20 3:00 PM-4:00 PM Celebrity Ballroom 3

Abstract: A roundtable discussion sponsored by SITE’s Universal Design for Learning SIG, Special Education SIG, Assistive Technology SIG, and ISTE’s Inclusive Learning International PLN. The hosting groups invite those interested in global instructional design issues that support the inclusion of persons with disabilities and expansion of technology access to share their experiences and ideas. Highlights of a demonstrative Indian program will lead discussion, and inclusive design initiatives from the USA, South Africa, Philippines, Germany, and others will be shared. This session extends discussion from the SITE 2019 Symposium on Inclusive Instructional Design and UDL Around the World, and the upcoming book, ...