Thursday, March 21
10:15 AM-11:15 AM
Celebrity Ballroom 3

Assessing Preservice Teachers’ Developing Ability to Enact Technology-Integrating Instruction: Lessons Learned from Developing and Piloting an Enactment-Focused Assessment Instrument and Scoring Rubric

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  1. aaa
    Paul Morsink
    Oakland University

Abstract: Researchers and teacher educators in recent years have devoted considerable effort to the challenge of assessing preservice teachers’ (a) understanding of TPACK and (b) ability to apply this understanding to the design of digital learning materials and activities (e.g., Koh, 2013; Rosenberg, Greenhalgh, & Koehler, 2015). To date, however, these efforts have mostly stopped short of assessing preservice teachers’ ability to actually enact technology-integrating instruction in face-to-face and/or ICT-mediated interactions with pK-12 learners. This roundtable will describe the work underway at one Midwestern university to develop an assessment instrument that can be used by university instructors, mentor teachers, field supervisors, and preservice teachers themselves to formatively and summatively assess the quality of a teacher’s enactment of tech-integrating instruction. The version of the instrument that will be shared identifies fifteen aspects of teaching and learning (e.g., differentiating instruction for diverse learners, facilitating collaboration) that often can be enhanced with digital texts and/or tools. The accompanying scoring rubric describes levels of increasingly skillful and effective enactment, with specific illustration of what instruction at each level can look like. Materials, procedures, and pilot results will be shared—along with lessons learned—as a starting point for discussion among attendees.

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