Share Paper: What do Teacher Educators think of Teacher Education Technology Competencies?

  1. Jeffrey Carpenter, Elon University, United States
  2. Joshua Rosenberg, University of Tennessee, United States
  3. Tonia Dousay, University of Idaho, United States
  4. Enilda Romero-Hall, University of Tampa, United States
  5. Torrey Trust, University of Massachusetts Amherst, United States
  6. Aaron Kessler, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States
  7. Michael Phillips, Monash University, Australia
  8. Scott Morrison, Elon University, United States
  9. Christian Fischer, University of California Irvine, United States
  10. Daniel Krutka, University of North Texas, United States
Tuesday, March 19 4:55 PM-5:15 PM Wilshire B

Abstract: Digital technologies have become commonplace in schools and the effective integration of these technologies places new demands on both teachers and teacher preparation programs. The teaching and modeling of technology use as part of the teaching and learning process requires sophisticated and multifaceted competencies on the part of teacher educators. This research explored teacher educators’ perceptions of a recently published set of Teacher Educator Technology Competencies (TETCs) (Foulger, T. S., Graziano, K. J., Schmidt-Crawford, D., & Slykhuis, D. A. (2017). Teacher educator technology competencies. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 25(4), 413-448). A multi-institution, international research team constructed and disseminated ...