Share Paper: The Vision of Technology in PK-12 Schools through the Lens of the School Administrator

  1. Sheila F. Baker, University of Houston-Clear Lake, United States
  2. Antonio Corrales, University of Houston-Clear Lake, United States
  3. Jana M. Willis, University of Houston-Clear Lake, United States
Tuesday, March 19 4:35-4:55 PM Wilshire B

Abstract: This study explores the vision of administrators in educational technology within urban PK-12 settings as measured by the Principal Technology Leadership Assessment (PTLA) that was developed and validated by The American Institutes of Research and aligned to the National Education Technology Standards for Administrators (NETS-A). District and campus alignment of educational technology vision will aid in building and sustaining partnerships of learning and development with university principal preparation programs, district and campus stakeholders. School district administrators (n=275) were surveyed to determine their views in five areas related to leadership and vision, learning and teaching, productivity and professional practice, support, management ...