Share Paper: An inter-university online platform for language exams: quality control, standard setting and item banking

  1. Cristina Perez-Guillot, Language Centre. Universitat Politècnica de Valencia, Spain
  2. Julia Zabala, Language Centre. Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain
Friday, March 22 10:35-10:55 AM Sunset 3

Abstract: University systems in Europe have been undergoing important changes since the implementation of the Bologna Process in 1999, introducing comparability of university degrees within Europe and with multilingualism as a key aspect for its ultimate success. European higher education institutions have developed their own language accreditation models at national level, with the ultimate goal of creating a network of comparable language accreditations at European level. These models need to adhere to international guidelines for good practices in language testing, as well as comply to the principles of validity, reliability, authenticity, fairness and practicality. In Spain, the university language accreditation system ...