Share Paper: Application of the One-to-One Learning Environment Competencies to Support Teacher Readiness and Technology Integration

  1. Andrea Parrish, Towson University, United States
  2. William Sadera, Towson University, United States
Wednesday, March 20 3:00 PM-4:00 PM Celebrity Ballroom 3

Abstract: The purpose of this proposed roundtable is to promote an engaging discussion of ongoing efforts to utilize an inventory of competencies designed for teaching in student centered one-to-one learning environments. Following the effective implementation of Delphi study methodology to create the competencies, the results of the study yielded an inventory of 30 teaching competencies in five areas: instructional planning; instructional delivery; assessment of learning; classroom management; and professionalism and leadership. Researchers are now implementing strategies to use the competencies to impact instruction, self-assessment, professional growth and instructional development activities with teachers. Guiding an open discussion about this work, and its ...