Share Paper: The Impact of Music Genre Preferences on Immediate Recall and Long-Term Memory in e-Learning Modules

  1. Mark Piwinsky, Indiana University of Pennslvania, United States
  2. Lacey Fulton, Clarion University, United States
  3. Sarah Everett, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, United States
  4. Emily Ortiz, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, United States
  5. Donald Winzer, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, United States
Wednesday, March 20 3:30-3:45 PM Sunset 5

Abstract: Music, to many, is a major part of life. Daily tasks are accompanied by a sound track from radio, streaming or other media. What happens when music is paired with digital delivery education? This study seeks to find if there is a relationship between music and information recall. A post hoc experimental design was used to expose students to four short e-learning modules, each with a different background music genre. The researchers examined genre and studying/listening habits as well as immediate recall and long term information retention to explore the possible interactions of the two independent variables on each of ...