Share Paper: Innovation in the Classroom: DISCOVERe Mobile Learning. We are committed to the implementation and quality of teaching pedagogy. Our mobile learning program is at the core of finding new ways to teach that engages and challenges students to succeed.

  1. Bryan Berrett, Fresno State University, United States
  2. Mike Provonost, Fresno State, United States
  3. Sue Yang, Fresno State University, United States
Tuesday, March 19 11:30-11:45 AM Sunset 4

Abstract: Our DISCOVERe team has created and implemented a teaching and learning environment that provides authentic learning opportunities while leveraging technology. The primary focus is on the pedagogy, which impacts the transparency of the technoogy used by faculty and students. The classroom activities and experiences are relevant, have a real world/global perspective, engaging, interdisciplinary, and collaborative. The program goals include preparing faculty to increase self-efficacy in teaching and learning with mobile technology. DISCOVERe faculty participate in a faculty learning community, an intensive one week Summer Institute, and have the ongoing support of a team of stakeholders including the bookstore, course scheduling, ...