Share Paper: Creating a Culture for Inclusive Learning. Ally is a technology tool that improves the accessibility of teaching and learning artifacts. Learn about how we effectively scaled our support and reach across campus as part of this change management project.

  1. Bryan Berrett, Fresno State University, United States
  2. Rudy Sanchez, Fresno State, United States
  3. Walt Heburn, Fresno State, United States
Wednesday, March 20 1:45 PM-2:00 PM Wilshire A

Abstract: For many universities, implementing an effective inclusive learning initiative may be a new or unfamiliar process. Creating buy-in from campus leadership, creating faculty awareness, and tracking progress are just a few of the steps necessary to help drive a cultural shift in how faculty think about and approach accessibility and universal design. Ally is a new tool that our university has integrated into our learning management system (LMS) to help address accessibility. Ally scans courses and indicates the level to which files (and images) may be problematic when it comes to accessibility - these indicators are red, orange, and green ...