Share Paper: Making EdTech Happen in Educator Prep Programs: Meeting Accreditation Standards & Engaging Pre-Service Teachers

  1. Todd Cherner, Portland State University, United States
  2. Alex Fegely, Coastal Carolina University, United States
  3. Cory Gleasman, University of Georgia, United States
  4. Chrystine Mitchell, York College, United States
  5. Kalianne Neumann, Oklahoma State University, United States
Tuesday, March 19 11:30 AM-12:30 PM Celebrity Ballroom 1&2

Abstract: Edtech provides a unique opportunity for educator preparation programs to demonstrate innovation and ingenuity in meeting accreditation requirements set forth by federal and state agencies. With flexibility regarding how these requirements can be met, programs can be creative and distinct with their approaches, as long as they clearly document how they collect and analyze assessment data for continuous improvement. In that regard, this panel will open with overviews that explain how two educator preparation programs are working to meeting accreditation requirements for edtech, which includes both the creation of key assessments and support systems to ensure they are implemented with ...