Share Paper: Preparing K-12 teachers for blended teaching: A competency-based approach

  1. Cecil R Short, Brigham Young University, United States
  2. Charles R. Graham, Brigham Young University, United States
Wednesday, March 20 11:30-11:45 AM Wilshire B

Abstract: This 3-hour K-12 Blended Teaching workshop is intended for those who are interested in blended teaching and/or training pre-service or in-service K-12 teachers for blended teaching. The workshop will begin with discussions surrounding the benefits of blending in the K-12 space, and the essential attitudes and technology skills needed to blend successfully. Workshop attendees will then be led through a series of activities related to five core areas of blended teaching - (1) online integration, (2) data practices, (3) personalization, (4) online interaction, and (5) putting all the pieces together. Attendees will leave with instructional materials and strategies that they ...