Share Paper: eGroup mentoring – an evolving operational model in new ecosystems of tertiary learning

  1. Irja Leppisaari, Centria University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Tuesday, March 19 1:45 PM-2:15 PM Sunset 2

Abstract: Mentoring modernised for the digital age challenges higher education to develop new practices that support learners’ readiness for working-life and which can be applied in continuous career development. In this article we examine through the design based research approach the second implementation cycle of an eMentoring training (5 ETCS) developed jointly by three universities of applied sciences (UAS). Central in the examined course was the practice of eGroup mentoring through digital devices. Postgraduate UAS students and alumni acted as mentors for undergraduates. The results of the first development cycle were applied to refine this multiple border crossing eGroup mentoring operational ...