Share Paper: A construct map for TPACK: developing an empirically derived description of increasing TPACK proficiency

  1. Ralph Saubern, Monash University, Australia
  2. Daniel Urbach, Australian Council for Educational Research, Australia
  3. Matthew Koehler, Michigan State University, United States
  4. Michael Phillips, Monash University, Australia
Thursday, March 21 4:15-4:45 PM Sunset 5

Abstract: Over the last ten years, the TPACK model has had a major influence on research into technology integration in education and been adopted for research across a wide variety of contexts. While this research has provided a valuable contribution to our understanding of professional knowledge of teachers, the TPACK construct, like the PCK construct on which it is based, remains in flux. Researchers continue to explore key questions about the definition of TPACK and its components, boundaries between the TPACK components, the transformative or integrative nature of TPACK components, and the validity of TPACK measurement. This paper uses a measurement ...