Share Paper: Use of digital tools by high school teachers teaching writing participating in an intervention program to reduce the "discipline block"

  1. Orit Avidov-Ungar, Achva Academic College & Open University, Israel
  2. Aliza Amir, Achva Academic College, Israel
Thursday, March 21 10:35-10:55 AM Wilshire B

Abstract: Digital literacy plays an important role in adapting education systems for the 21st century. Previous research indicates that teachers' main difficulties in assimilating technology in teaching stem from environmental or personal blocks and negative attitudes concerning computer-assisted teaching. Avidov-Ungar and Amir (2015) noted a gap between positive attitudes concerning computer-assisted teaching and actual use of computers in teaching writing, which is relatively low due to a "discipline block". This study investigated an intervention program for professional development focusing on assimilation of disciplinary digital literacy to advance the discipline of writing instruction. The intervention program aimed to reduce the "discipline block" ...