Monday, March 18
1:30 PM-5:00 PM
Sunset 1

From the screen to real life 3d Printing for the classroom

Workshop ID: 53883
  1. Leon Wilde
    The Adelson Educational Campus

Abstract: I tried drawing in kindergarten, and it was immediately clear to everyone I had no natural talent to draw. “You're just not creative!” my teachers uttered loud enough that I could hear. For years I believed them. Many years later I learned you don’t need to draw to be creative! Using free tools you can create and design just about anything you can imagine. The cost of computer design and 3d fabrication has dropped, and you can easily get into 3d design and printing for a very modest investment! We will start with the basics of computer-aided design, recommended software, and how to design for additive manufacturing, and walk through a basic design that we will then prepare for 3d printing, load up at least one of the created files, and print it! While we are watching the 3d print progress we can discuss how the printer works, costs of 3d printing, pro’s and con’s of various types of 3d printers, and how to operate them. I still can’t draw, and for that matter, I can’t spell either; however, I can create almost anything I can imagine. Attend this workshop and you will understand how you can get 3d design and additive manufacturing into your classroom!


• Be able to understand the current options that will allow you to bring 3d design and additive manufacturing into your classroom cost effectively. • You will have a basic understanding of what equipment is available, and the costs involved with 3d printing in the classroom • Develop an understanding of what additive manufacturing is, the materials used, and the advantages for each material. • Understand the basics of the Stanford d. School Design Principles • Gain insights on how to direct student work into a meaningful project • Learn the basics of a 3d printer

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Leon is a diverse industry professional and adept tinkerer who grounds technology and entrepreneurial instruction in real-world contexts. At the Adelson Educational Campus, Leon heads both administrative and tech teaching capacities in the Startup Incubator. He provides a special emphasis on UAV design and flight. Leon began his career serving the US Navy as an electronic technician. After his time in the Navy, Leon continued his career in the private sector and has worked for many airlines, government entities, launching companies (including Evernote), and captaining commercial planes. Mr. Wilde holds a BS in Management and Finance, a current Airline Transport Rating, he is a Certified Flight Instructor, and was recruited by AEC to serve as the inaugural director of the Startup Incubator. He has won a COX entrepreneurial competition for his Text Safe Teens app, as well as coached AEC to the 2018 Skybot UAV championship.


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