Share Paper: Using TPACK to Teach #FutureTeachers in an Undergraduate Integrating Technology with Teaching Course

  1. Julia Parra, New Mexico State University, United States
Wednesday, March 20 5:45 PM-7:00 PM Celebrity Ballroom 1&2

Abstract: A learning technologies course, Integrating Technology with Teaching (ITT) is being redesigned to address the needs of 1) an educator preparation program, and 2) the needs of students preparing to be future teachers. TPACK is used for both course design and course content. For this poster presentation, the related article and elements of course design for both the face-to-face (F2F) and online versions will be shared along with the results of a case study on the F2F version and learning highlights from students in the online version. Key course concepts include LMS and learning plan design, digital citizenship, personal learning ...