Share Paper: Three quality attributes - availability, performance and security - of social media services used in higher education

  1. Pekka Makkonen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
  2. Kerstin Siakas, ATEI (Thessaloniki), Greece
Thursday, March 21 1:45 PM-2:05 PM Sunset 3

Abstract: Quality of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services can be evaluated amongst others according to three quality attributes, namely availability, performance, and security. We designed a survey instrument for investigating the importance of these quality attributes in social media. The target group of the survey was ICT and Information Systems (IS) students in Finland. The analysis of the results indicated that security is a major issue compared to availability and performance in the design and use of social media in higher education. The results also showed that malicious software, apps and phishing are the most notable security threats. When discussing ...